Bizmedia hired me to animate and composite a holographic interface around the characters from their commercial.




The pitch was won by White Iron and I animated several elements for the TVA channel. The sound was also produced by me (not available in the original versions)




I was comissioned by White Iron to create elements for a pitch in order to gain the TVA Sports rebranding. Keywords : minimal, neon, future, transformation.




This spot celebrated the 50 year anniversary since the first broadcast of CTV Montreal. I was commissioned to create 3 videos that were used inside various promos. I produced the soundtracks of the last two videos (not available in the broadcasted versions).




This was a Public Service Announcement to create awareness about prostate cancer in Canada. The talents were shot on green screen and integrated in compositing with 3D elements.




3M Canada launched its new hockey products together with two big partners - Hockey Canada and Canadian Tire.




This is a compilation of animations which were used as explanatory presentations for McAfee products on their website.




Fractals are everywhere... on the micro level an idea growing in your mind becomes an ever-spreading path of communication to other people on the macro level.




TV commercial for the new look of Loncolor Ultra hair cosmetics.




Sharp adds yellow to the three conventional primary colors of RGB. This technology contributes to more vivid colors which had been difficult to attain on conventional three primary color displays.




Titles for an upcoming religious and historic conference.




This spot was broadcasted on Canadian TV stations during the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.




Initially the commercial was distributed only in Canada, but since it was a success it was broadcasted on US stations, as well as being displayed in New York Times Square.




Movie Central rebranding - minimalist slick design in tune with its sister channel Encore.




Various colorful Safeway spots and promotions 2007~2009.




3D animations and chroma keys were the main points for an interactive website contest for Armorall Mexico. 7 hot girls and a Mustang Saleen 2009




Guerilla marketing for Smirnoff Guarana, Traffik Group and Wow TV contracted me to produce a video that will be projected all over the city buildings from mobile trucks. The soundtrack was also composed by me.




In an ocean of information and changes CTV News tries to highlight some defining actions of Montreal and its people. This video won a Bronze Award at Promax BDA Awards in New York.




This corporate video was made in a very short time-frame for an upcoming conference of Toronto Star about the digital future of the newspaper.




Proudly presenting the 2007 Promax BDA Silver Award winning News Image Campaign clip.




A mining company from British Colombia asked me to put together a corporate video that illustrates pioneering challenges.




I was commissioned by Perception Studio NY to design the boards for pitching the NBA Finals. Happily for everybody they won the account and our common work was broadcasted.




Jam, noise, glitches were the main theme for the identity of Teletoon Detour, an adult oriented animation channel. The rebranding won couple of awards at Promax BDA NY.




Together with 4stroke & BrandNewWorld NY I designed and produced the 2007 identity of Teletoon Daytime, a kids oriented animation channel. This won us a couple of awards at Promax BDA NY.




Here you can watch the creative process for Teletoon Daytime as it was developed step by step.




A short animated signature for a special friend who owns a photo studio and sometimes produces music video clips.




The annual spot for the Sick Kids lottery was produced by 4stroke. I was commissioned to collaborate for this spot under the supervision of Tony Cleave.




The main focus of this image campaign are the persons behind the glass - the reporters - their glamour and warmth.




This print experiment shows the willpower and the anticipation of momentum.




Every major event in our world affects you in various ways. Everything is therefore connected in chain of causality. This was the idea behind this project.




A vast pitch project for the 2006 Global Network rebranding. I collaborated with 4stroke and my assignment was to design the news identity boards.